Making software to fulfill our holiday. Sketching ideas from our very own problem. SaaS products for software development

Hello everybody 👋🏻

My team and I are making cool stuff for software development. This round we dedicated it for fellow QA Testers/Engineers. Fleast is coming from our very own story, so we believe that we can give the best outcome to keep the happiness in software development 😙

Coming right through to you in a couple of months. We're preparing for email guest list, so be sure you're reserved your place to try our private beta 🤓. It's not ready yet, but it'll be here at and we'll announce it once it's ready.

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Just a little sneak peak for you. This is how we style Fleast, pretty funky and energetic 😙...and it's designed by me! Coming really soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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